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PokerGFX Features

We've got you covered for every production.


Card Reading Options

Operates with an RFID enabled table or a conventional hole cam table (with manual entry of hole cards).

Convenient & Unobtrusive

Communication between table and PokerGFX Server via USB cable or WIFI (with optional battery pack for completely wireless operation); RFID enabled playing cards look and feel just like standard acetate cards.

Accurate & Reliable

Guaranteed 100% accurate read rate of all cards on the table in under 0.4 seconds (Texas Hold'Em) (0.7 seconds with Omaha). Optional auto failover between USB and WIFI for uninterrupted operation.


All communication protected with strong encryption; Preview window lockout password; Settings lockout password; Action Tracker remote lockout password; Secure Delay feature hides live hole cards.


Choice of standard (115mm x 115mm) or double size (230mm x 115mm) RFID scanning area for player hole cards.


Texas Hold'Em, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo;

6-Plus (Short Deck) Hold'Em, Pineapple & Crazy Pineapple, 5 Card Omaha, 5 Card Omaha Hi/Lo 8 Or Better (Big O), Courchevel, Courchevel Hi/Lo 8 Or Better, 6 Card Omaha, 6 Card Omaha Hi/Lo 8 Or Better, Five Card Draw, 2-7 Lowball Draw, 2-7 Lowball Triple Draw, A-5 Lowball Triple Draw, Badugi, Badeucy, Badacey, Seven Card Stud, Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo 8 Or Better and Razz (PRO version).


Limit, Pot Limt and No Limit; Cash games and tournaments with unlimited levels; 0, 1, 2 or 3 blinds & live straddles; Standard, Button, Live & BB Antes; Capped games; Bomb Pots; Single, Double & Triple boards.


Buy the Button; Run It Twice / X3; Nit / Stand-Up Game.

Auto Mode (no operator)

Hole cards, Community cards & pot equity displayed with no human intervention required.

Action Tracker Mode (single operator)

Bets, calls, raises, stack size, pot size, player position (SB, BB, UTG, +1, +2, +3, HJ, CUT, BTN) displayed in Action Tracker mode.

Additional Graphics

Outs shown for drawing players (True and Theoretical); Auto highlight of winning cards; Blinds, Antes & Hand number graphic; Scrolling Ticker; Chip count and player statistics leaderboard (VPIP%, PFR%, AGRfq%, WTSD%, Cumulative Cash Win); Heads-Up hand History; Rabbit Hunt Cards; Tourney Field (total / remaining players).

Animation & Layout

Choice of multiple transitions (Slide, Pop, Expand, Fade) for both In and Out; configurable transition speed (In and Out); Custom PNG-sequence animations; Multiple Horizontal & Vertical player and board layouts; Multiple player reveal modes (Immediate, On Action, After 1st Bet); Multiple hole card reveal modes (Immediate, After 1st Bet, End of Hand, Up At Showdown, Never); Configurable 'safe zone' margins.

Picture-In-Picture Capture

Live screen capture of tourney clock running on another networked Windows PC. Configurable display time, size, location, border and opacity. Auto display after each hand, or manual display by operator.


GPU hardware accelerated video mixing, graphics rendering and encoding for best quality and performance. Ultra HD 4k resolution supported up to 2160p60.

Automatic Camera Switching

Mixing of up to 8 video sources supported; Adjustable cross-fading; Camera sources auto switched to follow the action around the table; Auto Flop Cam switching; Static and camera cycle modes when no action pending; Split and full screen layouts; Automatic split screen with virtual camera panning when Heads Up.

Multiple Capture Devices Supported

USB Webcams, Blackmagic Decklink capture cards, NDI sources and networked IP cameras can be mixed and matched for up to 8 inputs in total.

Additional Features

Audio sync adjustment; keyed graphic output on green or blue screen for external chroma key.

Flexible Program Output

Simultaneous output of Live Program and Delayed Program via Secondary and Tertiary displays.


Live video & GFX overlay output with cards up in real time.

Secure Delay

Secure Delay configurable from 1 minute to several hours; live hole cards hidden for maximum security, while the delayed stream is cards up. Cards down live preview available for real time display at the venue.

Wide Compatibility

Live or delayed program can be output via a virtual camera device, enabling the use of any third-party streaming software such as XSplit or OBS Studio for use with most streaming services, including YouTube, Twitch and Facebook.

Additional Features

Custom station logo screen for pre and post streaming; Custom delayed stream countdown clock screen.

Unattended Streaming

AutoStream feature automatically starts streaming when the first hand is detected, then shuts the stream down after a configurable period of inactivity.

Action Tracker

Separate application for entering player action (bets, calls, raises etc) in real time, with an easy to use interface optimised for tablets and laptops. Tag hands of interest with notes during a live game for quick identification later.


Table layout showing current game state and active players.

Commentator Statistics

Remote network console showing player chip counts and statistics with the ability to trigger display of in-stream Leaderboard graphics.

Multiple Simultaneous Streams

Run unlimited multiple copies of PokerGFX from a single table, for multiple video streams each with their own individual graphics and stream delay settings (requires multiple PokerGFX licenses).

Hand Database

All hand information (player actions, cards, chip counts, blinds & antes) stored in a permanent database for post production. Hand data can be exported in CSV format for use by third party systems.


Powerful post production functionality enables review, playback and editing of previously recorded games. Change the start and stop time of a hand, and the times at which each individual action occurs within a hand; Remove unwanted hands; Add new hands that weren’t originally recorded; Work with multiple videos and seamlessly move hands between them; Render graphics over pre-recorded video footage.

Hand Management Tools

Split feature chops up a recorded game into individual video files for each hand played.

Looking for more?

A PRO license unlocks even more amazing functionality.